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Keara Hart
Born in Colorado
30 years
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Darien Mama September 5, 2016
It has been a long  time since I've written anything here but it doesn't mean that I don't think of you. You are on my mind and in my heart every day. Yesterday was your Birthday and in the past i and your kids have gone to the cemetery but I couldn't reach them and I just couldn't seem to face going there alone. I hope you did get to celebrate with your other family members that are there with you. I thought about you all day and about the birthdays that we did spend with each other going back to the day you were born and I first got to see your beautiful face. I miss you so much Keara and I am grateful that you were in my life for 30 years but so sad that you are not here now. You would have been 41. I love you.
Mama Missing you March 7, 2015
I have had visions of you as a mother. I see the smile on your face when you looked at your children and the love in your heart.It is so wrong that they are having to grow up without you. You were just a baby on this earth yourself and when I allow myself to think about how you died I get so angry.The monster that killed you has privleges that the rest of us don't get for free.It's really hard for me to believe that there is a God that didn't stop this from happening.

I so want to believe that there is some kind of afterlife and that I will see you again. All of us were deprived from spending enough time with you. You were deprived of your life here. It makes me so sad and the tears continue. I love you my sweet and loving child.
Darien Mama August 25, 2014
My Birthday was yesterday and I missed you so much! It was a day that I always saw you. I did spend a good part of the day with Tori though. She is such a beautiful and kind girl.She has your smile and smiles often. She reminds me of you in so many ways both in looks and personality.

I have been having so many memories of you lately. A lot of when you were a little girl. You were so mischevious!! I used to worry about someone taking you when we went to shows because you were so friendly and never met a stranger. I remember the time that we were at a show and went to the bathroom. Mark was supposed to be watching you and Leigh and when I came back you were gone! I was frantic!! I ran all over looking for you and a saleswoman in Penney's siad she had seen you pushing the stroller. I finally found you in the rest room with women who thought I left you there. They were ready to call the police. I almost had a heart attack that day.

You were so beautiful and people would always comment on what a beautiful child you were. You grew up to become a beautiful and kind woman and contiued to never meet a stranger. I still worried about that because of your inability to see the bad side in people.

I miss you every single day and still cry every day. Your Birthday is soon and I always feel so sad at this time. I didn't see you on my Birthday and won't see you on mine. But I do see you in my head all the time. I wanted you to have many more Birthdays and still wish it had been me instead of you. You only got to be 30 and it is so unfair.

I love you Keara.

Darien Russell Medium June 3, 2014
I had another reading with a medium who last did one on your Birthday 7 years ago. She is amazing. She called Tenney by name and you said she sees you. It made me feel better to know that you are still around and know what is happening in your families lives. I love you.
Darien Mama June 2, 2013
When I held your new niece Tenney for the first time it brought me back to when I first held you. She is so beautiful and so were you. I hope you can see and watch over your new little niece. I am sure Lauren will tell her about you. I love you.
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